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posted 06 Aug 2004, 21:08 by smithwigglesworth, Commoner

Hey, I thought y'all were discussing Ayn Rand in this thread. Fountainhead was good, for a bit of Randian brevity. Her story, Anthem, is better brevity in action and is an entertaining exposition of her core ideal, the Self. If you liked Howard Roark, you'll love John Galt. Who is John Galt, you ask? He's the hero of Atlas Shrugged. Yeah, I know its long but if you really want to know what Ayn's all about from her own hand this is where you'll want to start. Atlas Shrugged pursues the same line of thought as Fountainhead but Rand (and her merry band of acolytes, who included Alan Greenspan) (but you knew that already) felt that AS was her Magnum Opie (did I spell that right? ;) ). Her goal, which she believed she'd acheived, was to express her philosophy in an entirely new form of literary expression, one that would revolutionize writing, books, and human thinking. High hopes? Indeed. If you ask Ayn (via her writings on the subject) or her followers (see the Objectivist websites) they'll agree: it was an incredible success. Incredible? Yes. My reading of Fountainhead, Anthem, and Atlas Shrugged (more times than I care to admit) has led me to the conclusion that Ayn was fascinated by S&M and, in particular, masculine power. Also, as a writer, she sucks. Nonetheless, Joe Bob says: "check it out." view post


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