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Not out of the woods yet posted 10 Mar 2008, 06:03 by ceti, Commoner

I agree that Akka is the moral foundation of the books. Kellhus has become something more, a prophet that cannot heal but can manipulate and destroy, so perhaps the inverse of Inri Sejenus. He may even be the literal harbinger, the No-God himself. This was always my feeling as a final twist for the end, as the entire progress of the Holy War was marked by extreme bloodshed that thinned the ranks of both the Inrithi and Fanim (and thus counterproductive if he was destined to rally humanity against the No-God and the rapidly multiplying Sranc). Since Akka writes the compendium on the first holy war, we know he survives till the end of the first trilogy, and perhaps like Seswatha, beyond the second apocalypse. However, at the beginning of chapter 14, we see Akka unable to write certain details for fear of summary execution. That indicates he is writing before the apocalypse, perhaps as the Three Seas becomes a police state of sorts under its dictatorial Aspect-Emperor. Echoes of [url=]Dune Messiah[/url:11yipir7]? view post


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