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posted 17 Aug 2004, 13:08 by Adres, Candidate

When I first read of the Sranc, in the TDTCB prologue, I imagined them as dark red demons with long and twisted horns... very similar to the evil lord of "Legend" the '80 fantasy movie with Tom Cruise (anyone remembers it? :D ). Then I remained amazed when Anasurimbor meets them in the winter forest, and mr. Bakker (unfortunately) give us only some hints on their appearance, because that demon shapes remained locked to my mind. The most intriguing thing is that they have an animal behaviour and are inhumanly beautiful at the same time: it is a contrast that strikes the reader, I think. But what does it means that they have a dog chest? They have fur on their chest? They have not a human one but a quadruped breastbone? view post


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