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posted 14 Mar 2008, 16:03 by internalogic, Commoner

The real question is, 'what motivates Kellhus?' This is actually a pretty deep question. Consider for example: Kellhus' abilities and his way of being in the world, as profound and dramatic as they are, are the result of training; a tradition of training that has gone on for millenia. So how much can his motivations be said to be his own? The cultivation practices of the Dunyain have not reached fruition. Yes, Kellhus mastery of subjective experience dwarfs that of the average person but, compared to the ultimate goal of the Dunyain, it actually has not yet met the standard. The Dunyain seek to transcend motivation itself. To transcend perspective itself. Kellhus has clearly not achieved this as yet. And so, as amazing as all of his experiences are, in the final analysis they just represent a stage in his training. It is possible to view everything he does from this perspective. view post


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