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interesting posted 20 Mar 2008, 05:03 by JGoose, Commoner

This subject can go anywhere you want. If you believe in Tabula Raza where when you are born you are born as a blank slate then yes everyone is equal and everyone deserves the same rights, but if you believe in Tabula Raza then your environment determines who you are and because not everybody lives in the same environment with the same circumstances, not everybody believes in the same things as rights. Your rights may not be the same thing as what someone believes rights are on the other side of the world. But I will paraphrase George Carlin and say, there are no such things as rights, there are such things as Temporary priveleges and anybody at anytime can take away those priveleges if you have not cooperated with society. If you are a good boy then you get priveleges, if you are a bad boy you get none. view post


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