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posted 30 Mar 2008, 02:03 by stian1986, Commoner

i must confess i think i dident devourer SB prince of nothing series all together, i kinda got the overall plot line and the most prominent character development, but the philosophical stuff i did not get at all. as for other series i started whit the wheel of time, and thought it was great, then i read sword of truth, but stopped at book 6, becors i understood the pattern and that the whole shit was just really really bad. then i found by my self asoiaf, and was baffled it was unlike any thing i have read, then at last i read a prince of nothing and the rest of the series. grrm and sb's stuff are by fare the best i ahve read so fare, but i must say i did liked the story and setting in the wheel of time. as for our friend goodkind i just laugh when i think about all the time wasted on something so bad, what can you do? cry? view post


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