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posted 13 Feb 2004, 14:02 by Fade, Commoner

Is this a contest about who's the embodiment of boredom? :wink: [quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":7zspinuq]Because it would be bad form for me to trash other writers, I'm sure most would expect me to soft sell my negative opinions, and perhaps I should.[/quote:7zspinuq] As author you have to be careful what you say. Before you know it, you will get some serious bashing. I noticed that authors only say what they like in books and what they read. I suppose that is some sort of courtship to fellow writers. GRR Martin king? I don't think I know any writer I would bow for and crown her or him for best work. GRR Martin is definite good. He's one of the few writers who to me have a enjoyable writing style. Eddings and Brooks tend to lapse in similar concepts a little too often. Eddings God theme's should know a end and Brooks has written too many books where a quest is too much of a central plot. view post


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