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posted 28 Aug 2004, 08:08 by tellner, Peralogue

I just sat down and read DTCB and WP in a couple of days. One of the things that struck me. Not struck me as in an idea but struck me like a blackjack to the side of the head was how "What comes after does not determine what comes before". Kellhus thinks he is a trained manipulator who can treat regular people like white boxes in the engineering sense. Others, like most of the Holy War and Achamian believe that he is a prophet. They both seem to be right. It's not that his Logos is wrong. The future doesn't determine the past and present. But the events of the past seem to have been so profoundly significant that they have determined things thousands of years into their future. So the Dunyain [i:22lzqcie]are[/i:22lzqcie] as enslaved as anyone. They are just somewhat more aware of the way things work. This touches on another feeling that's been growing. In order to be what he must be Kellhus must combine the Gnosis and Logos (and probably the perceptive skills of the Fanim sorcerors). I think we're seeing RSB's philosophy background here :) view post


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