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posted 17 Feb 2004, 18:02 by Kellais, Commoner

@ Cu'jara - Your last post is just brilliant :lol: I really had to lmao! You're soooo right!! Personally I don't give a damn about the "official" critics. Come on, they [b:d9j0vp7b]have[/b:d9j0vp7b] to find something to criticize. Or else they wouldn't have a job, right :wink: I inform myself via amazon for example. They have a topic "customers who bought this book bought also..." Normally you can't go wrong with that. And then there are such places like this here! A Lot of good recommendations...I wouldn't have heard about your book if I haven't read SE's latest interview at that time....but back to the topic of your last post... :wink: If you had left out all the "showing a woman in bla bla situation" then you would have probably got a bashing from a male reviewer saying that "Mr. Bakker seems to be a feminist himself". I think you get my meaning :wink: If it's worth something, I REALLY love your writing...keep it up that way and you will have found a permanent reader... Have to go... Kellais view post


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