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posted 20 Sep 2004, 18:09 by FuraxVZ, Candidate

[quote="Damaen":lhibqgrv]on the GRRM discussion... i was looking around websites/forums because you guys got me thinking about it again.. apparently george hinted at "3 dragons" that are returning. Danaerys (sp) is obviously 1. Jon Snow is most likely 2. who will ride the third dragon? the prevailing thoughts include one of the babies not being killed by Clegane or tyrion (hah). the maester on the wall is too old. neat.[/quote:lhibqgrv] I believe the leading candidate for the third dragon is Bran. Or that somehow Bran become a dragon. Something like that. My guess is that the theorists believe Bran to become super powerful since he's 'handicapped'. view post


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