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yup posted 23 Apr 2008, 20:04 by shuggy, Commoner

[quote="Nerdanel":rjszybh6]I think the No-God can controll the products of Tekne because they are soulless, so that there isn't anything interfering with the force of his will. He might be able to controll animals too, although perhaps there is a difference between what passes as souls for Tekne creatures and genuinely soulless natural animals. I think Achamian's final dream in TTT in which Anaxophus repeats the No-God's words suggests that the Dûnyain conditioning is not actually making their souls free. I think the condition makes the Dûnyain into predictable, semi-soulless machines that the No-God can puppet - just like skin-spies but better.[/quote:rjszybh6] Khellus is the No-God! view post


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