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posted 20 Oct 2004, 15:10 by Stephen, Commoner

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":3vvw2fmt]Consider your 'experience of willing' (EoW), for instance. It turns out that we are very easily fooled into thinking that we will actions that we don't. It turns out that our EoW is [i:3vvw2fmt]inferential[/i:3vvw2fmt] - something that we learn - rather than intrinsic to the things we in fact do. It turns out, in other words, that our EoW [i:3vvw2fmt]follows from our actions[/i:3vvw2fmt], rather than, as we like to assume, [i:3vvw2fmt]initiating[/i:3vvw2fmt] them. It turns out, in other words, that our EoW is a cognitive illusion.[/quote:3vvw2fmt] Let me suggest this: What if the EoW and the actions to which it is related [i:3vvw2fmt]cannot be separated[/i:3vvw2fmt]? What if we decide to treat them philosophically as one self-initiating entity? To say that the EoW 'initiates an action' is thus to make a distinction as meaningless as which blade of a pair of scissors is 'really' doing the cutting: the EoW and the action [i:3vvw2fmt]are one experience[/i:3vvw2fmt], one entity, as entangled as two quantum-identical atoms. If quantum entanglement asserts as possible (and has proven in recent experiments) that information can be instantaneously teleported without degradation, and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle remains in effect, then the entirey of [i:3vvw2fmt]existence[/i:3vvw2fmt] is a form of cognitive illusion -- [i:3vvw2fmt]in which case the EoW is no less 'real' than anything else we experience.[/i:3vvw2fmt] Even an illusion is real if it exists as an experience, and if an experience influences an outcome, our will is as real as anything else we experience. view post


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