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posted 29 Oct 2004, 08:10 by Born of Fantasy, Commoner

[b:3kg6kvn1]American Gods[/b:3kg6kvn1] is in my opinion one of the best stand alone novels to come out in fantasy in the last 10 years or so. [b:3kg6kvn1]Neil Gaiman[/b:3kg6kvn1], succesful [b:3kg6kvn1]Sandman[/b:3kg6kvn1] run in comics [b:3kg6kvn1](Vertigo[/b:3kg6kvn1]) was no fluke. One of teh few writers of any genre I can honestly say neevr fails to do superior worl. [b:3kg6kvn1]Coraline, Neverwhere[/b:3kg6kvn1], and [b:3kg6kvn1]Stardust [/b:3kg6kvn1]testements to his continued and what seem unending excellence. view post


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