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Couple of quick questions posted 03 Nov 2004, 01:11 by Shryke, Candidate

Hey, just a few questions that came up well rereading the series. 1) Everytime I hear about the migration of men to Earwa, they mention 4 nations: Norsirai, Ketyai, Satyothi and Scylvendi. But in the back of the TDTCB, under the appendix on languages, they mention Xiangic, a language apparently spoken by the Xiuhianni peoples or the Lost Nation. Any info you can give on these guys? 2) Alright, we have some idea how the Chorae work, by creating a contradiction that unravels the chants, but how does the Uroborian Circl ein the Inrithi temple in Iothiah work? 3) Anything on the Aporos (the kind of sorcery that made the Chorae) would be nice. Obviously, some of the answers may be spoilers or get explained later, so if you can't answer, I can settle for a "You'll find out later". I just won't be happy about it :D Thanks in advance. view post


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