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posted 09 Nov 2004, 01:11 by Ahkond, Commoner

Just thought I'd chime in about the timeline mix-up even though Mr. Bakker presumably has it well in hand. If one assumes that the chapters in [i:3gqh9bm6]Darkness[/i:3gqh9bm6] are presented in chronological order, then one would need to change the dates for chapter 8 from 4111 to 4110 (Cnaiur returning to his camp after escaping from Kiyuth, the Vulgar Holy War setting out, and the Spires meeting with Xerius and company). However, this raises a small problem because the Vulgar Holy War setting out (late autumn) is described as being "a year and a half" (p. 228 in my US edition) after Maithanet declared holy war; that took place in chapter 3, early spring 4110. If chapter 8 is moved back to 4110 to fit with the other events, then it would only be half a year after Maithanet's declaration. Just thought I'd point that out. I'm only up to chapter 14 and I'm enjoying the book a great deal. Thanks! -Ahkond view post


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