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posted 07 Dec 2004, 08:12 by neongrey, Peralogue

Honestly, Evangelion was made up as it went along, as the director was undergoing a nervous breakdown, and I think it shows. Most of the transitioning is not good, and it's got a lot of references-for-the-sake-of-references, which... mm. I'd suggest Boogiepop or Lain over Eva (and both are 13 episodes, as opposed to 26), or in terms of truly unpleasant watches, Now and Then, Here and There is... interesting. On the other hand, if you just want to go, 'wait, what the fuck just happened?', you'll never do better than Utena. ... particularly the movie, which I -don't- recommend watching before the series, which is much longer than I think you'd be willing to commit for. On the one hand, back to Eva, I can't in good conscience call it bad, but I can call it not nearly as good as it gets credit for. view post


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