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Of Kings and Emperors... posted 11 Dec 2004, 09:12 by Gable, Candidate

Hey there. So. I've been writing my ass off the past month or so, straining to meet the self-imposed deadline of December 20th to have completed a full 'Part' of the book I'm writing. Six complete chapters and a prologue. I write rather slowly--but love what I write, which I think is good, haha. Anyhow--question. Scott, I'd like to be made clear on what the rules are when referring to kings and emperors and princes and satraps and the such, with regards to capitalization. When to use King or king, you know? As well, the whole 'your Majesty' 'Your' capitalized? This may seem a silly question, but I use these terms a lot--or mis-use them, more likely. Oh, btw, I wrote to you earlier, when I was halfway through TWP, and you asked to know how I enjoyed the rest. Let's just say...I was slow to write back because I was too busy writing. Truly inspiring. last thing...would it be considered stalking to look up your agent's e-mail and send him this manuscript when it's 'grammatical errors' are solved? Ha ha, I mean, maybe my brother is blowing some serious smoke up my ass, but I think he'll like it. Anyhow, thanks for your time, and your work. Your books are amazing, and you're now official invited to my 'Life's Dream', where you'll share a table with Steven Erikson, Guy Gavriel Kay and I...wishful thinking, eh? AH, but one can dream. Thanks. Nicholas. view post


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