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posted 27 Dec 2004, 16:12 by Annabel, Peralogue

Okay. I will try to purchase the Warrior Prophet today. I understand what you were trying to do and, frankly, I think you do a good job of fleshing out Esmenet's despair/hope about her rather brutal circumstances (you make her a real person). Even her mercenary ambivalence in staying with Sarcellus for a while is understandable. However, I could not resist raising the point. And, here's how much I got wrapped up in the story! I really wanted to cheer for Esme when she gets out of Dodge and tries to find Akka to warn him. Finally, an active decision instead of her remaining beaten down by circumstances (even if the proximate impetus was a run-in with the Consult). As for Serwe, she's so delusional but I am hoping she'll wise up in TWP. If not, does she get whacked by the skin spies?? :wink: Keep writing and we'll all keep reading! Thank you, thank you for your efforts. - Annabel view post


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