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posted 31 Jan 2005, 19:01 by Annabel, Peralogue

Just as brutal but better managed. What a frightening thought! Indeed, I bet those slavery rings are exceptionally organized. And, hey, we can destroy the world instantly with this incredibly efficient high-tech missile system we developed here in the U.S. I guess its a sign of the times - we value efficiency, economy and scientific/economic progress over things like, oh, reflecting on the human soul, social values, etc. Jumping off on that point (and maybe this should be on another part of the board), but do you think humans can improve large scale? Or will we be monkeys forever? Forever and ever having to relearn things like toleration and how to live together peacably with each generation (despite what all the scholars, philosophers and poets have written). I'm afraid for me that the answer is no, I don't think humans improve. Individually maybe but we just seem to get really nasty in groups - nation-states, religions, social clubs, high school cliques, soccer fan clubs - whatever kind you want to mention. Its actually a very weird thing - the wisdom of the ages is available to all - but we don't bother with it. Or, for those of who try, we're so retarded that we'll pick up a book by Aristotle or whomever and, by the time we get to the end, we forget what was written in the first few chapters! And, even if someone has the intelligence and memory to slog through it, who knows? Maybe you end up with a Machiavelli - he was awfully well educated. Intelligence is not wisdom is not morality. (Which of course, you illustrate in your book by Kellhus character. See, I'm not on too crazed a tangent). view post


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