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posted 03 Feb 2005, 01:02 by Wracu, Commoner

[color=olive:1plp0rla]"Swazond," he had said. "The man you have killed is gone from the world, Serwe. He exists only here, a scar on your arm. It is the mark of his absence, of all the ways his soul will not move, and of all the acts he will not commit, A mark of the weight you now bear."......"I will bear you," he said to the blackness. And never, it seemed had he uttered a mightier oath....He raised the knife to his throat.[/color:1plp0rla] TWP pages 538-539 I think this clearly explains that Cnaiur felt that he was responsible for serwe's death. Serwe's throat was cut, so he would bear her swazond upon his throat. view post


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