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Re: Getting the words down. posted 07 Feb 2005, 22:02 by Antenox, Commoner

Firstly, I CANNOT write at home. I just can't. I've tried and tried, but there are too many distractions. Internet, television, food, you name it. I am [i:o2tykrxe]very[/i:o2tykrxe] easily distracted. So I usually take my laptop out to some isolated place with virtually no interactive technology. Most commonly, this is a coffee shop (I like Borders' Cafe, personally), or, while I'm at school, waiting outside of my classroom. I can then just stick my iPod earbuds into my ears and listen to some songs (with NO English lyrics!) and start pounding at my keyboard. I sometimes also write just before bedtime. For some reason, sleep deprivation gets my creative juices flowing, although most of the time those juices are rancid and quite unusable by the next morning (forcing a revision). Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn't. I've found that my writing reflects my current emotions, which are themselves reflected by the music I'm listening to, so I've made up maybe two dozen playlists labeled "Fantasy-War" or "Fantasy-Epic" or "Fantasy-Despairing." Now, as for actually [i:o2tykrxe]writing[/i:o2tykrxe], I am the kind of person who goes over the last sentence I wrote ten times before moving onto the next, so I progress at a snail's pace (about 300 completed words a day). That's improved somewhat, though; now I review and revise my writing every [i:o2tykrxe]chapter[/i:o2tykrxe] instead of every [i:o2tykrxe]sentence[/i:o2tykrxe]. :lol: I've taken to the practice of jotting down IMMEDIATELY any ideas that come into my head, either on a post-it or on my computer or on my own hand, if I have nothing else to write on. If not, I will either forget it or replace it with another idea in a couple of hours. Now I keep all of my spur-of-the-moment ideas (including short descriptions of scenes that just pop into my head but which don't have any kind of context whatsoever) in a Word file on my computer. view post


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