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posted 07 Feb 2005, 23:02 by Antenox, Commoner

I always write the history first, before I write anything else. Sometimes, it's [i:29aej8w4]all[/i:29aej8w4] I write. As for how I write it, I start at the beginning. The very, very, very beginning. As in, "God created the earth" type beginning. This is pretty tough for me, since I don't really like the idea of Greek-style pantheons in fantasy (I much prefer to have a Christian-type OverGod, who is completely impossible to fully comprehend and describe, but whose consciousness and intelligence and involvement in the world are obvious). Anyway, I progress quickly through the first few ages of my world (shaping of the world, birth of the races, etc.), and then I [i:29aej8w4]really[/i:29aej8w4] hit my stride when I write about a historical age roughly equivalent to classical Greece or Rome. In fact, my current book attempt is set in this kind of age (probably the reason why I'm progressing much more in this attempt than in previous ones). I usually skip through any "Dark Age" type eras, and then bring focus to "Renaissance" type eras. Basically, I write the history of those periods in history when civilizations are flourishing, and not when civilizations are stagnating. view post


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