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posted 10 Mar 2004, 03:03 by Vanarys, Commoner

Ah ok, could someone post the link to this OWW forum? I usually ask that writing question of every author I run into, the reason being is that, I have a tendency to start world-building when I get bored, as I find it to be a relaxing and creative process. But when I sit down and actually start to translate that material into a story is when I run into problems. For e.g. I have had a setting and world set up for about a year now, but as of today, I still haven't finished even a word of the actual story. I come up with a few paragraphs and end up deleting it all eventually to start over because I think it doesn't read well or because my writing sucks or because it's just not a good enough beginning. Repeat that process over and over again. Blah. Sometimes I think I can't ever finish even a short story, I have no clue how some people can just sit down and write and write and write... Enough of my whining. Btw, is TTT the last book in the prince of nothing series? view post


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