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Page count posted 13 Mar 2005, 21:03 by jacques, Commoner

Hi Scott and Hi to all, I'm the French translator of TDTCB, and I thought I'd answer this : [quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":5v8ko4lw]That is strange about the page count. Do you think some stuff was cut out? I STILL haven't received my author's copies...[/quote:5v8ko4lw] The average page in the English edition has 34 lines, and the average page in the French edition has 46 lines. That's how one turns 590 pages into 460 ! Not a word was cut out. Guess you would have figured it out if you had received your author's copies, though, so I'll remind the publisher this week (gotta talk to her anyway.) Please feel free to contact me anytime, Best view post


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