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posted 14 Mar 2005, 21:03 by jacques, Commoner

[quote="Cu'jara Cinmoi":3kmj9roo]Jacques! Too cool! I have to tell you, I was relieved when I found out you would be doing the translation. I didn't think they gave you any small fry... :wink: You should let everyone know some of the other writers you've translated.[/quote:3kmj9roo] Hi again, And many thanks for the vote of confidence, Scott, it's much appreciated. For those on the board who could be interested, I've translated something like 150-200 books in the last 25 years, from the works of Alan Moore in comics to the biography of Ray Manzarek (in great part for the pleasure of translating Morrison's lyrics), from Design books to a new translation of the [i:3kmj9roo]Kama Sutra[/i:3kmj9roo]. In Heroic Fantasy, I've translated Tad Williams' [i:3kmj9roo]Memory, Sorrow & Thorn[/i:3kmj9roo], and I'm now alternating between translations of [i:3kmj9roo]The Prince of Nothing[/i:3kmj9roo] and Greg Keyes' [i:3kmj9roo]The Kingdoms of Thorn & Bone[/i:3kmj9roo]. I've just finished [i:3kmj9roo]The Charnel Prince[/i:3kmj9roo], so I'll most probably move on to [i:3kmj9roo]The Warrior-Prophet[/i:3kmj9roo]. Because I own and run my own publishing company, I now limit my translations to a few books I like, and can indeed afford to be picky, but I wouldn't have missed your work: in terms of immersing oneself in a world, translating a book is the next big thing to writing it, and [i:3kmj9roo]The Prince of Nothing[/i:3kmj9roo] is a delight. I guess everybody on this board will agree :D But enough of me ! view post


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