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posted 05 Apr 2005, 00:04 by jacques, Commoner

[quote="Tol h'Eddes":3m7dvixc]From what I read, I can see that translating is not only your work, but it's also a passion. When working on a serie, like Prince of Nothing, do you have a timetable to translate every book in it? Like, every book must be translated and published at a 1 year interval? And thanks for your reply :) It's always interesting to know how it works "behind the scene".[/quote:3m7dvixc] Sorry it took me so long to answer. Yes, the translator has to follow a timetable, infamously known as the "dreaded deadline". You must have heard about it ! :) Meaning one has to deliver a finished translation by a certain date, much like a writer (production follows the same rules.) The original timetable is set by the editor, usually following the original timetable if the series is ongoing. In fact, the editor has to set a complete production plan (the book has to be translated, typeset, printed and distributed.) Then everybody involved is late! :)) But eventually, a book gets done, that's the marvel of publishing... view post


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