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Chorae bowmen posted 30 Apr 2005, 23:04 by Atanvarno, Peralogue

Something that came up [url=]here[/url:1x8yrbnc] that I had to ask you. How can there possibly be chorae bowmen? Given that chorae cannot be replaced, and the nobility guard them above most other things (I can't be sure, but I think in thier initial description in TDtcB it was mentioned how they were worth a kingdom's randsom, or somesuch), these are clearly highly rare items. Indeed, a gift of a handful to the Scarlet Spires was so profound that it made them sit up and take notice of Maithanet's offer. Now, I imagine a chorae bowman is probably one of the best archers around, and they nearly awlays hit thier target, but still, fashioning such things into arrows is so very wasteful. Finding an arrow after a battle is going to be an utter nightmare, and that assumes you have the oppertunity to do so (i.e. you win, and have the logistical luxuary of remaining in the same place). Okay, you just need to look for the rather obvious and unpleasent aftermath to find them, but still you are going going to loose some whatever happens. Add in two thousand years of warfare after the Apocalypse (this is an assumption, the idea may have orginated much later), in which these bowmen are used. Say the choarae bowmen are deployed every ten years, thats two hundred outings. Say there's only five bowmen in every deployment, with just one arrow each. You'd expect to loose one out of those five (assuming in every battle they were used the battle was won, even if its not, your enemy takes them), that's a loss of two hundred trinkets. Akka says men only have a handful of the things... I can't make the numbers add up in my head. I assume you've thought about this already (you've thought about most other things already, it seems), so is there an answer I'm missing, or is it just occasionally necessairy to make such an extravagant sacrifice and they grit their teeth and bare the lose? It just seems a bit like every now and then having to cut off a limb to win a fight, at some point it's going to get very Monty Python on us, only for the men of the Three Seas, minus the comedy... view post


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