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posted 01 May 2005, 06:05 by H, Auditor

I was thinking the same sort of thing, but in regards to losing any Chorae, i don't think they could ever actually lose any, unless they lost the battle. Remember that any one of the Few can 'feel' and 'sense' the presence of any Chorae in the area. So once the battle is over, they would pretty easily be able to find them, even amongst many dead, or in wreckage of some sort. All of this is assuming they win the battle of cource, but if they lost, well they are screwed anyway, at least they'd have picked off a few sorcerors along the way (there are more Chorae than the Few, so loses are worse for the sorcerors). Plus both sides are probably shooting Chorae at each other, so i'd imagine over the long haul, loses of arrows would balance out for both sides (unless one side never loses, of cource). view post


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