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posted 09 May 2005, 04:05 by H, Auditor

Well, i've actually been rhuminating on the exact same question for a while. But, knowing that Scott is an exceptional writer, he must have protrayed the Consult as the 'typical evil' for a reason. As to what that reason is, i'm not sure we'll know, at least until we learn more about the Consult. My first theory however, is that he is portraying them as so 'evil' to temper us and make all the characters seem subjectively, less 'evil'. Also, it could be that the No-God is actually the 'good guy' in the story. This may be a stretch though. Unfortunatly i'm not 100% versed on the ancient history of the North, but could it be that the Consult is fighting for what [i:1bncrlte]they[/i:1bncrlte] would consider the 'greater good'? Also, perhaps this is why there is such little detail about their objectives? Lastly, could it be that Scott is making the Consult seem so evil, just so that he can send us all realing back the other direction when we learn more about them? All of this is idle speculation, but i think is obvious that Scott has painted them so for a reason... EDIT: WL, you beat me in, i think your right about the intentions of some who may have joined the Consult... view post


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