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posted 09 May 2005, 04:05 by White Lord, Subdidact

Some very interesting observations, H, not very different from my own. That the Consult (and the Inchoroi) have been trying to wipe out Men and Nonmen for many thousands of years for a [i:25a75fn3]reason[/i:25a75fn3] is certain: check one of the scenes in TWP where the Consult Synthese says to the skin-spy something along the lines of -- [i:25a75fn3]fault? the very thing we are trying to destroy?[/i:25a75fn3] Remember that the Inchoroi came in a spaceship (could the Nonmen have shot it down with sorcery) that was so damaged that they were effectively [i:25a75fn3]forced[/i:25a75fn3] to stay (is this the fault that was meant in the book?) So this could all be some implacable vengeance on the Inchoroi's part, or, as you say, something more, that they, as strangers to Earwa, have perceived and are trying to achieve. view post


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