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posted 10 May 2005, 00:05 by Egaragoras, Candidate

An excellent reply. I accept that there can be no objective moral criteria to determine which character or group is "good" or "evil", but this really has little bearing on the position of the groups or characters in the plot of the novel. For example, just 'cause one can determine Sauron's justification or rationale for why he wants to destroy all that is good in Lord of the Rings does not change his position as "Evil Antagonist". When I said that the Consult is an archetypical "Evil Organization", I referred to its place in the plot, not his claim to pure evil as an ideal. I see, however, that you agree with the possibility that, without a nebulous "bad guy", the books would be too inaccessible for the other inversions to be effective. It certainly sounds like a plausible explanation. view post


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