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A note on other races posted 16 May 2005, 09:05 by Mithfânion, Didact

Scott, I was thinking about why so many authors fail in creating an Elf-like race as Tolkien did. The more one reads the more it becomes clear that apparantly he may have been the only one to succesfully create another race, a race of higher stature than men, ethereal, somehow magical, mysterious. I've been thinking on why it is that other authors generally fail to portray them and one of the the main reasons that comes to me is the fact that they always remain superficial, in terms of describtion, but also in terms of characterization. There are no main or even strong supporting characters from that race with any depth, and insight into their race and culture is only given very superficially. Which is why the mention of books having Elves or whatever kind of other race rarely excites me anymore, after so many bad experiences. Is this something you tend to focus on in upcoming books, to really flesh out the Cunuroi and perhaps the Inchoroi as well? Obviously they don't have to be [i:n98jdflv]like[/i:n98jdflv] Tolkien's Elves, it should rather be something wholly yours but still wonderfully awe-inspiring. Adding a major character from such race to the foreground of the story, is that something that you have in mind? view post


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