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The desire not to be slave to the darkness, comes from...? posted 06 Jun 2008, 04:06 by Callan S., Auditor

I was wondering, on rereading the darkness that comes before, whether something I noticed is intentional. There was a section talking about why the dunyain pursue the logos, and it talked about their thoughts not being their own and because of that they will always be slaves. And they don't want to be slaves to the darkness. Heh, it's probably an effect of the novels making me ask, but why? It occurs to me the desire not to be slave to the darkness would come from the darkness itself. Why resist slavery? Why - it's not just some word desire, it comes from somewhere else. The darkness. I was wondering if it was intended to be presented that way? If not, no big deal, but atleast for me it puts a different spin on things. :) view post


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