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Re: The desire not to be slave to the darkness, comes from...? posted 17 Jun 2008, 07:06 by Curethan, Didact

I would suggest that it comes from the logos itself. It being the counter to the darkness, which is born of instinct and presentience, the logos is the perfection of intelligence - an abstract concept of choice born of rational and critical weight. The Dunyain argue that men are slaves to the darkness, but logos is the quintesence of rational thought - the ability to defy instinctual reaction and apply forethought and the consideration of reasoned consequence to make a descision that manipulates circumstance to a desired outcome that best serves one's further goals. (Does that make sense?) Example: storing/rationing food to outlast a possible famine. To completely defy the darkness is the goal, with the desired outcome being infalibilty. The logos is the beacon of intelligence that shines beyond the darkness born of instinct and repition. view post


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