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The Logos/Dunyain posted 19 May 2005, 04:05 by Oumo Di Spada, Commoner

I’m just rereading the series and have read through a lot of this board and rather than follow up on a number of different threads I’ve decided to drop all my theories in one place to be savaged at your leisure. :wink: On the board there has been some speculation as to the number of Dunyain, their abilities, and the Logos. Here’s my two cents on these subjects. 1. The population of Dunyain, it would seem to me, is limited by several factors. Primarily their expressed desire to remain undiscovered. Let us assume that the population numbers as little as 1,000 functional adults (I’ll come back to the functional part in a short while). Considering the technology available to them (mid to late iron age) and their lack of horses (Kellus walked out) we would need to assume that the majority of the population (75%-90%) are farmers. Were these farms as small as 20 acres each (7.5 acres is considered subsistence farming using modern techniques) this would lead us to assume that the Dunyain community was cultivating 15,000-18,000 acres ( approx. 23-31 square miles.) Which I think we can agree is a sizable area. In that they have not been discovered sitting on the Consult’s doorstep I think it safe to assume they haven’t grown much beyond these limits. 2. The Dunyain started with a very limited gene pool (my guess is that there were probably less than 100 refugees). Were there more than this to begin with they would have been thinned out during the first few years from starvation and 11 years of stillborn. Even with their breeding program we can assume a large number of culls (non-functionals), probably the source for Kellus’ “face” training. This is a very inbred population. With the breeding program in place we can also assume that the vast majority of the population is related within a few generations. The population shares Kellus’ genes and therefore are probably numbered among the Few. If we assume a 10% failure rate (the non-functionals) and a 10% outstanding success rate (the ruling elite). This gives us about 100 (actually about 87 now that they’ve purged themselves) of the Conditioned and 900 lesser Dunyain. 3. I’m basing some of my arguments on several assumptions (even Euclid had three) A. Sorcery is supernatural in origin. By supernatural I do not mean more than nature but instead outside of nature. B. The outside source of sorcery is The God(s). The Logos is a brand of sorcery. Wait…wait…wait, put down the rocks… hear me out. I have a couple of reasons to think this. First off is that every form of sorcery in the books is loaded with a capital letter to make it stand out (Gnosis, Psuke, Tekne… Logos). But beyond this admittedly thin argument, I have several thoughts. First off is that the Dunyain have been able maintain a bloodline over two thousand years in such purity that it is recognizable (Akka recognized Kellus as an Anisurimbor). Second, the probability trance smacks of the super natural/sorcerous (even Herbert’s Mentats required greater time than this and they had been bred for tens of thousands of years). Even reaching the point of the probability trance is less than 2000 years implies sorcerous interference. Third the existence of sorcery indicates that the Few eventually have to use it and the Schools merely teach outlets. With the inward focus of the Logos it would seem that the Logos is the sorcery of self manipulation. This would explain why the Chorae did not effect Kellus… not Cants to stop. It would also explain how Kellus defeated Cnaiur with so little effort (beat him as a man would a child) despite Cnaiur being arguably the best (unaltered) warrior presented in the books as yet. More thoughts to come as they are formed. view post


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