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Does Scott still haunt these boards? posted 26 Jun 2008, 11:06 by Callan S., Auditor

Looking at some threads here: I sooooo want to chew some fat on some of these topics! I read somewhere he realises he tends to overindulge in forums if he indulges at all, so it's either full on forums or full on book writing. Fair enough. But I wonder if he glances at these forums still. I kind of want to engage him on the topics, since the question of the PON series engaged me. For example in one interview he said [quote:1darhejl]There's going to be people who deny this stuff come hell or high water, just as there's people who can't abide evolution or the heliocentric solar system. Truth be told, I'm one of them. I believe there has to be something to my experience of free will, but all the credible evidence is piling up on the other side, and I'm not going to pretend otherwise. All I can do is stomp my foot and say, "No! It just can't be." [/quote:1darhejl] And I realised he's writing specifically about a diamacles sword he feels poised above him (excuse my spelling of diamacles). He doesn't want it to be there, and yet he can't stop paying intimate attention to it! It really gave a surprising understanding. The horendousness of the books events, where people just die in the rush for water as just one example, makes the specific reasons for describing that story event, important. I suppose I pursue it because...on one hand it might be to make it easier to digest. If I can see the inclination behind saying it, I can easier form an answer. But on the other hand, the wording isn't cold - it isn't verbatim details revealed. There's human accentuation and emphasis there still. I will not just see the writing as showing what happened, when it doesn't, it contains opinion as well. I guess I don't like to mix up opinion and reality (even an imagined reality). But at the same time I see the importance of the events depicted (the importance coming from how, to a degree, they paralel our own history). I really want to sift opinion from event, and that requires a chat! I should have swung in when I first read the PON series, might have had more luck! But I was overloaded at that time! view post


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