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Re: Maithanet posted 01 Jul 2008, 20:07 by Celmonas, Commoner

I was also much more interested in Maithanet after I found out he was Kellhus' half brother. Moenghus says that half breeds can't match a pure Dunyain. From this I am inferring that Moenghus did his best to train Maithanet and failed. My guess is that Maithanet gained a large part of the Dunyain special abilities. I think what he most likely failed at is the probability trance since it seems to be the most reliant on pure intellect. He would still have most of the physical abilities, the ability to read faces, the philosophy, and at least some immunity to outright manipulation by other Dunyain. Without the probability trance, though, he lacks their vision. So, to take an example from the book, he can infiltrate an existing power structure and rise to the top and make some changes, but he can't completely reshape an entire organization to suit his purposes as Kellhus does with the Holy War. My guess is that he follows the Logos and recognizes his inadequacy next to a true Dunyain. With an apocalyptic war against the Consult on the horizon, he does his best to support Kellhus. SPOILERS: for anyone who hasn't spent time scouring the Internets for previews, summaries, etc. of the upcoming book... One summary I read referenced Esmi trying to control her murderous children. From this I'm guessing that Kellhus hasn't given them any training in the Logos, or at least a version watered down enough not to affect their behavior. It probably would take a lot of personal attention and time to train them in that way; time which Kellhus doesn't have as the Aspect Emperor. Still, it surprises me that Kellhus' half breed children would be murderous when Moenghus obviously succeeded relatively much better with his half breed child. view post


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