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Some issues about chronology... posted 20 May 2005, 12:05 by bovine_buddha, Commoner

Hi Scott! I was rereading The Darkness That Comes Before the other day when I stumbled on an irritating detail regarding the timespan. So, I figured, having visited this excellent forum and recently read the post by Haplo commending you for time spent on your avid fans, thought I might as well give it a go and ask the mastermind himself. So... The detail that struck me was that When CnaiĆ¼r returns to his Utemot encampment in Chapter 8, according to the novel, one whole year has passes since the battle at Kiyuth. Okay, small deal, simple enough, a small typo, it was supposed to be in 4410 not in 4411 as it said. However... This is where the strange businiess starts... So take a deep breath :wink: After that brief interlude, the novel goes on talking about the Vulgar Holy War, and its failure, dated late autumn 4411 which according to the novel take place 1.5 years after the Holy War was proclaimed... which means that it is in fact in 4411 this takes place, since it was proclaimed in the spring of 4110. Which brings us to the paradox: Late Autumn 4411 is the time for the Third March in The Warrior Prophet. This ultimately makes the date for the Vulgar Holy War late Autumn 4110, thus a typo in the chapter. However, Chapter 8 claims a time period of 1.5 years between proclamation and the Vulgar Holy War, so the Holy War must have been proclaimed on 4109 according to Chapter 8! Which means that the either dates in the beginning of the novel where Achamian visits Sumna are in fact supposed to be in 1409, whereupon he spends one year there until he travels to Momemn, or otherwise the one and a half years are supposed to be only half a year. Wow... If it is unclear (it seems to me :oops:), I have attached a word document i wrote when trying to establish these things for myself. Might be simpler to check, better overview. Well then, while we're at it, can you embroider some more upon the time in the novels? How long is a year for example? Maybe this is mentioned somewhere but... Don't know where! :P My hunch would be about the same as ours, since Conphas was fielded for 200 days according to Istriya in his Scylvendi campaign, which must have started sometime in Spring (Holy War) and ended as we know in Early Autumn, roughly half a year. Well well, hope this finds you in good health :D view post


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