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Re: The desire not to be slave to the darkness, comes from...? posted 11 Jul 2008, 14:07 by Curethan, Didact

Heh. That would become evident only when you achieved the logos. But thats what has always bugged me about the dunyain beliefs, it's too zen to be considered logical. A quest where the goal is to be free of your quest. It reminds me of the tao. For the purpose of trying to mesh their goals with the story of Earwa, I propose that the being that attained that state of perfection would rewrite the world and become the new darkness that comes before all men's actions (or mebe disappear in a puff of logic. :oops: ). Perhaps Kelhus is that being and the no-god is his antithesis (or so-conspiritor as some believe). Consider that perhaps Kellhus is free of Earwa's DtCB and instead walks a path from the 'light' of the Duyain where the darkness that moves him is cast only by his own shadow. That he HAD ALREADY attained the logos before leaving the sanctuary. He now rewrites the world in his image, his darkness, 'freeing' it from the old only to enslave it in his shadow. Perhaps Moenghus was in fact the arm of the Dunyain and not a renegade. Eh, prolly not tho. view post


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