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Are the Dunyain doomed? posted 24 Jul 2008, 15:07 by BobbyR, Commoner

I've been thinking a lot about the philosophy of the Dunyain, and the events of the Prince of Nothing. I think Bakker put in some clues as to what he has in mind. Their ultimate goal is to become the Absolute: a perfectly self-moving soul. I think they are doomed to never reach that goal - not because its impossible, but because of 2000 years of their methods. Most of my reasoning comes from the dialogue with Moenghus in TTT. They reveal that he sought the sorcerous power of the Cishaurim, only to find out that as a Dunyain, he lacks the passions needed to master the Psukhe. I ran across a greek word recently: "psuche." I don't think the spelling of Psukhe and Psuche are any coincidence. The greek word "psuche" means "soul" or "spirit." Bakker undoubtedly knew this, because of his background. Where the Agnosis and Gnosis seem to be sorceries that derive from Reason, the Psukhe is a sorcery that derives its power from movements of the soul. That's why Agnostic and Gnostic sorcerers cannot spot the Mark of the Cishaurim, much in the same way that math, science, etc. (Reason) can never apprehend the soul. Back to Moenghus, and the Dunyain, since they are Conditioned in such a way that makes it impossible to master the Psukhe, I conclude that though they can see "what comes before" the soul they have bred and Conditioned theirselves such that now they don't even possess Souls as we know them. Therefore they can never become a self-moving soul - they only can move the souls of others. I think there might be some holes in this logic, but what do you think? view post


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