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Re: Why was Khellus.... posted 11 Aug 2008, 00:08 by anor277, Didact

As to the Non Men practice of sorcery, it appears to be moribund - developed up to a point and then advances were abandoned. The Non Men were also under a terrible curse; their insularity would not have encouraged research into sorcery. In the modern Three Seas, sorcery itself also does not seem to be amenable to research and investigation. While it is true that the Scarlet Spires "researched" diabolism, the Scarlet Spires, the Saik, etc. were unable to rival or reproduce Gnostic sorcery that was over 5000 years old. The only sorcerous advance in that time was due to the Cishaurim, and again their sorcery was not understood but simply practised. PS Scott does not frequent these boards anymore. view post


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