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Re: George Bush posted 21 Aug 2008, 19:08 by baloogabear, Commoner

hiya i'm new here. I read the books-Fuffing loved em, and then a friend told me about this website so i thought i pretty much had to join. I was having a wonder through here when this thread very much caught my eye. It is my personal opinion that george w. bush is the devils very own ventriloquist's dummy, (the devil being dick cheney.) He has raped this country blind with this war on terror and his insaitable lust for oil. I have no doubts that the christian faith has absolutly no bearing on george bush's decisicions, he has made a mockery of american goverment and seems hell bent on driving this country into the ground. We now owe the chinese in excess of 3 trillion dollars and bush seems all to happy on simply printing more money out to pay them off, regardless of the fact that soon we will be drowing in useless dollar bills. what god fearing man, or vaugely decent human being for that matter, would ever do this to his own country? george bush is about as a-moral as the companies that he, for all intents and purposes, works for. cinaur might be the breaker of horses and men, but bush is by far the more violent, he is the breaker of countries and currency. As you can proabaly guess i'm not his biggest fan, and i could ramble and babble about how much i hate the smary shister all day, but i wont lol. rant over. view post


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