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just wanted to share with you guys... posted 01 Oct 2008, 14:10 by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

or maybe i'm just reeeeally bored. :P just wanted to share with you all what i do with most of my time. just finished this last night, actually [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] this is actually just the detail of the head of this piece. it's actually almost full body and about 4 feet high [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] this one is tiny, only 4"x6" [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] i wanted to try doing something besides people, so i did this for a friend who's rabbit died. [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] and these are a couple landscapes that i did a few weeks ago, based on photos from a trip to sweden several years ago. [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] and here's your friendly, neighborhood painter [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] oh, also, i'm a viking [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] and i fight with swords [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] but i also weave [img:1l4ekea8][/img:1l4ekea8] anyways, thanks for stopping by and taking a look at my work. i'm off to get back to painting. *checks clock* *cracks beer* view post


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