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Re: Why was Khellus.... posted 07 Nov 2008, 09:11 by Athjeari, Peralogue

This is one of my favorite parts of the books. When you read the fight between Kellhus and the Nonman, read how Kellhus is interpreting events. Kellhus felt himself pressed from a reign of might blows that pushed him back, and back. "But Kellhus could sense the moment --- although it was far, far thinner than it had been with the Sranc." "He climbed into that narrow instant, and the unearthly blade fell farther, and farther from its mark; bit deeper into empty air. Then Kellhus's own sword was scoring the dark figure, clipping and prodding the armor, tattering the frim cloak. But he could draw no blood." When you read this passage it is clear that Kellhus isn't exactly having the easiest time with the Nonman. He fought off a hoard of Sranc and yet this one Nonman was giving him difficulty, and his opportunity to walk the Shortest Path was far, far thinner than it had been while fighting off a hoard of Sranc. Plus it took Kellhus a while to get the best of him. For awhile Kellhus can't even draw blood. And since Kellhus ran away, I'd argue that Kellhus didn't even win, but actually lost the fight. The Nonman was laughing at the end of the fight. I don't feel that the Nonman was ever truly worried about it's life. Kellhus might have bested him in martial prowess, but that doesn't mean the Nonman would be beat in a sorcerous dispute. Hasn't it been stated that the Nonmen burn with the Mark so badly that supposedly getting near a "Chorae" will turn them to dust? (something along those lines anyway) I think the sorcery the Nonmen wield is unlike any we've seen (until Kellhus does two inutterals with an utteral at the end of TTT) view post


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