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Re: The Curse of the Judging Eye (SPOILERS!!!!) posted 27 Jan 2009, 06:01 by last_inchoroi, Commoner

[quote:1s22kvfu]Scott has stated that in Earwa belief gives objects and ideas real moral weight in Earwa.[/quote:1s22kvfu] based on this, then, and assuming that each individual's belief in X Y or Z is equal to another's belief, be it in A B or C. assuming this equivalency of belief, then the important fact concerning right and wrong (and thus damnation) is not that there are morals intrinsic to the universe, but that what matters is what [i:1s22kvfu]the majority believe...[/i:1s22kvfu] If this is true (and I think it is a facet of the thousandfold thought) what Kellhus must be doing is attempting to shift the balance of belief from morals that cause pain (the subjugation of women) to morals that encourage balance and happiness. why he would do this I can only pet theory is that he re-writ Sejenus' stance on women to empower his wife while he was absent on campaign/the great ordeal (the nice thing about Kellhus is that we can assume he is able to anticipate almost anything), and changed the tusk's stance on sorcery so as to enable his own appropriation of sorcery, and to better weld the sorcerous schools to him (the only sorc. other than achamian we see in JE pretty much weeps at the thought of his own salvation through Kellhus) So this boils down to one of two options, and likely the latter. 1. Kellhus is entirely focused, to the exclusion of all else, on the destruction of the consult, the incu-holoinas, and gol-gutterath (pretty sure those last two are synonyms but the book is far away) and everything he does is to those ends with no regard for himself (would require a substantial growth in humanity and character from what we last saw of him in TTT) OR 2. Kellhus' immidiate goal is the destruction of the consult etc., but he harbors secondary goals and is actively working towards both ends let me know if my logic fails as any point here. view post


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