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Re: *Spoilers* Favourite new character. posted 27 Jan 2009, 06:01 by last_inchoroi, Commoner

I absolutely love the diabolically twisted nature of Kelmomas...i love that he's so devious, and so obviously a perfect deceiver. It seems like the various children all assumed portions of Kellhus, but I think Kelmomas might be the closest in overall talent to him. the key difference is that Kelmomas quite obviously loves his mother, and it is this love that provides a basis for emotionality. where kellhus is able to use rationality and logic to maximize his intellect, i feel that Kelmomas is an emotional version of Kellhus, and while most capable is in all likelihood the most dangerous of all the children, if only for the destabilizing aspect that raw emotion could potentially play in further books....we'll have to wait and see... on another note, the thought of Incariol being Merkeritrig makes me want to reread every section he's in about 20 times over....nonmen are definitely one of Scott's best and most unique creations. view post


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