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Re: *Spoilers* The gods must be crazy posted 28 Jan 2009, 01:01 by last_inchoroi, Commoner

[quote:3k3ey15b]And what the hell is wth all that stuff about "Good Men shine brighter than good women"?[/quote:3k3ey15b] there are some old posts concerning the metaphysics of Earwa, the gist being that whatever is believed [i:3k3ey15b]becomes real[/i:3k3ey15b]... that belief actually shapes reality, instead of various belief systems merely being random attempts to explain the world. In Earwa, belief is causal instead of arbitrary. my theory is that this means that most people believe that men can be more good, or more evil? than women can in either capacity. because that is what is commonly believed. check other postings, esp. under the thousandfold thought, as that's where the best metaphysical stuff comes up. view post


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