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posted 24 May 2005, 01:05 by SEF, Candidate

[quote="bovine_buddha":2rrwgll2]Awwww... But I like those disgusting and deranged parts! Makes me feel sick and like retchi..... On second thought maybe they were best left behind :P Jokes aside, I think you're definitely not over the top compared to other authors on that point. Personally, I can't stand how GRRM always refers to the male genitals using the extremely ugly word "cock". I mean, how many people acually think of it like that when taking a piss? Makes me wonder about his sanity :D Oopss.. treading strange ground here. Just ignore what I said, and be a happier man for it :wink:[/quote:2rrwgll2] Literary prudes are not the most kosher people in my book. They seem to enjoy grossly misconstruing the fact people like GRRM and Bakker will depict explicit realism either in graphic description or dialogue. C'mon folks, get with it, nobody's complaining about King or Clive Barker or Martel or Khalil or McCarthy, why complain about it in epic fantasy. Reminds me of the censor nazis back in the thirties, forties, and fifties of American cinema. From the Dark Ages back through ancient history, the most civilized peoples and societies were capable of the greatest savagery and merciless acts. I.e. the Romans, Mayans, etc. I love this material as long as the author doesn't saturate his books with it, thus degrade his work, then it can get a bit nauseous a la Brunch's The Seer King trilogy and let's not forget Goodkind's silliness. Please no more literary prudes (speaking in general terms, writers need to ignore a relatively small voice among readers). Welcome this creative license with open arms, open hearts, and open minds! view post


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