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Re: *Spoilers* Traveller's identity posted 02 Mar 2009, 03:03 by Landrew, Candidate

my two cents re: the 'traveller'. Only someone who knows about the Dreams would send him to meet Akka. Isn't that the bottom line? He didn't go to Akka, Akka came to him. How could the Consult anticipate that Akka would set out on that journey? There were two triggers: changed Seswatha dreams and Mimarra's arrival. There is no reason to believe the other mandate sorcerers are not experiencing the changed dreams (hence Kellus knows about them). Also Kelmomas' belief that he 'got rid' of Mimara is likely delusional. She was sent by Kellus i.m.o. and if she wasn't sent by him, he would have been aware that she left. Hence Kellus (likely) has awareness of both factors which prompted his departure. Plus Kellus would know that Achamian would be obsessed with Kellus' origin (the Consult would be aware of Akka's role/fight with Kellus but wouldn't be able to predict his later behaviour as Kellus can). Finally, Kosoter stood before and was lauded by Kellus (during the unification wars); unless Kosoter only subsequently became an agent of the consult, Kellus would have seen through him then. in my opinion, Kellus is counting on the Dunyain's reaction - far be it from me to predict, but could you imagine the effect of a strike force of Dunyain (thousands) suddenly appearing virtually out of nowhere and from a totally different direction just as the great ordeal joins battle with Golgotterath? maybe the ordeal itself is part diversion (Akka would never otherwise be able to make the trip)? Cleric is probably a known entity to Kellus. no way he is 'coincidentally' biding his time killing sranc with Kosoter. in 20 years, why wouldnt' Kellus have sought out the nonmen? He is the ace in the hole to assure the success of Akka's mission. view post


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