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posted 24 May 2005, 08:05 by bovine_buddha, Commoner

Hey, I'm not saying it's anything wrong with it! :) I actually think this is one of the factors separating more realistic fantasy from the up-in-the-clouds fantasy, though of course not the only one. Graphic sex/violence is certainly not a requirement for good writing! But in Bakker's novel for example it helps a lot when analysing the characters. Its total absence in some books, both in description and the fact that its never mentioned detracts from their credulity. For depicting the psychologically realistic character Achamian one couldn't skip this detail, since it ties into his whole world-view and his obsessions. However, I maintain my view that GRRM is singular in his obsession over words. Sure, if he's writing about rape, then "cock" might be an adequate word. But when one of the good guys goes to take a piss, using such a word just makes me laugh... Hail Bakker and his varying vocabulary! BTW, Clive Barker's use of "prick" annoyed me to no end. Not in GRRM's way, but the word itself sounds so... I don't know. Not very beautiful anyway. But that's my personal opinion! Now, a follow-up question for Scott! You said that tDtCB was [i:598yu5y8] scrutinized[/i:598yu5y8], what about tWP then? Had you garnered more trust from your publisher about your judgement or was it simply due to lack of time? view post


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